Noodle Saves Planet!

This is a modern Japanese proverb. You will understand the meaning of it, if you come to know how much the Japanese love this food and how special the noodle is for the nation. Their love and affection toward this food is endless.

From the late 90s, Udon has become extremely popular, which all started with the discovery of Udon from a region called Sanuki on a remote island in Japan. People of Sanuki have developed a particular Udon culture and enriched an original method of making Udon. Sanuki Udon is now known as the most refined Udon noodle.

The heart of Sanuki Udon lies in its simplicity. Light, but profoundly deep. Sanuki people often cat freshly cooked Udon noodle with only a drop of soy sauce. It is this simplicity, which demands intrigue and endless attention for these noodles.

Coupling the simple, healthy and traditional Sanuki Udon with the elegant broth (Dashi), combined with a dash of originality, is a Japanese restaurant in the heart of Hamilton, and it is called Edo.

Our Methods

Creating rich, creamy Tonkotsu pork stock is a labour of love. Each pan takes over 36 hours cooking at a rolling boil to contain enough collagen, fat, marrow and calcium to emulsify perfectly turning it opaque; the famous white Tonkotsu appearance. Traditionally the stock is then combined with ‘Motodare’, a consent rated base to create the final soup. Our Motodare is made using the best soy and spices from Japan.

As well as the perfect soup, the right noodles arc vitally important for tonkotsu ramen, they must be this and straight, with plenty of bounce and chew. We worked extensively together with a NZ based Japanese noodle-making master, using strong Cotswold flour to create the perfect original hosomen (meaning ‘thin noodle’) for our ramen.

The final component which goes into the perfect bowl of ramenarc the toppings We use Burford Brown eggs to make our nitamago – soft boiled eggs with rich, orange, gooey yolks marinated overnight in Japanese Spices.

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