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The First Art of Business Zoom Course

Hi all, first time posting in here... ...a fellow advisor and I have put together a new business course especially for freelancers and extra-small businesses (1-5 staff). The concern was that workshops either didn't give enough information or didn't have the time to help people work through solid answers and that full-blown business advisory was too expensive. The course cuts straight to the heart of the matter, namely the ability to bring something to market others want to buy at a price you want to sell. ...we help you nail what value you really create (and we use CliftonStrengths coaching to help with this), then we help you productize properly to build a "Clear & Compelling Value Proposition" and then finally, build an overarching sales and marketing strategy. It's 10 weeks long, 6-9pm Tuesday evenings and hosted in Cambridge (at Meraki Workspace) - we are looking into bringing in those who are further away by Zoom. The first course kicks off soon (!) - 22 Jun…
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Shared from a post on  a New Zealand Small Business Owners Networking & Ideas Forum by David Roberts: As business owners quite often we put our mental & physical health right at the back of the to-do list. Yesterday I found out something that left me sad & wishing I’d done more. It also hit home that COVID may continue to torment society Being an entrepreneur can be rewarding & exciting but it can also be really hard! It’s a bit like surfing the ocean swells with their peaks and trophs. Sometimes you catch a clean powerful wave and are vibing high & other times you get smashed around in the whitewash & eat a mouthful of sand. When you do come off your board you’ve got to get back on & paddle furiously to get back out the back. It’s hard work but rewarding. I’ve been working with a great kiwi manufacturer for over 5 years off and on. Last week I fired him an email regarding an upcoming project. He usually gets back to me same day so when I was still waiting a wee…
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Heat Pumps in Auckland

The applicator is heading for at the area to which it should go; a needle is then dejected, releasing the contents. Spray pumps also work on the similar most important as the diaphragm technique; but, the contents are released through spray nozzles that can be attuned for more straight application. Heat pumps job by the opening & closing of pistons intended to let the release of contents through various types of applicators. The heat pumps Auckland job in this fashion, but straight the contents to a spray head for free and application. High-pressure brass pumps job by raising the pressure within the chamber until the contents are barred. Brass is often used in these types of pumps to offset corroding belongings of pesticides & herbicides.
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Concrete Scanning

Our team use a variety of tools to further investigate the void, depth, utilities and reinforcements of any concrete surface. For example, the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) can be used to accurately locate steel reinforcement. GPR is a rapid, cost-effective and 100% non-intrusive method. GPR can help inspectors and engineers verify the as-built reinforcement, identify top and bottom rebar locations (i.e. in slabs, and walls), and find the configuration of transverse reinforcement. For example, if structural engineers need to verify the spacing of the reinforcement in the potential plastic hinging zone, GPR can help verify the spacing of the stirrups. GPR can also be used to identify the amount of concrete cover over the reinforcement. Additionally, the use of a Ferroscanner Cover Meter verifies concrete cover and identifies ties in brick walls. Another important group of tests are ultrasonic testing of concrete. Ultrasonic methods, such as Ultrasonic Pulse Echo can be used …
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Hamilton Chinese Lantern Festival 2021

The 2021 Hamilton Chinese Lantern Festival is presented to you by Waikato Chinese Culture & Art Centre. Associated with Hamilton Central Business Association. Waikato Weekly Chinese Newspaper & New Zealand Huaxing Arts Troupe.Sponsored by SkyCity and NZ Skin Care.

Saturday 27 February

From 6pm @ Garden Place(opposite SkyCity Hamilton)Food Stalls Starts at 4PMFree Event, all agesDragon & Lion DanceMagic ShowLive Cultural PerformancesFood StallsChinese Lanterns

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Introducing The Woodburner Company

Hi.. I'm Fraser Walkham, and I started a small engineering business after being made redundant as a marine engineer, two weeks into covid19 level 2, with 6 others. So I started STAINLESS KREATIONS.. doing all sorts of engineering jobbing. Changing the focus this year, and creating another entity under the S.K name, which is, THE WOODBURNER COMPANY. These are all made from 100% recycle materials. Outdoor Woodburners for the deck or garden, steamers, smokers.. all unique and one off's. Getting tired of selling them one by one, but wanting to branch out and look at supplying retailers. I still work from home at this stage, in a well equipped workshop, but have recently been looking at commercial premises for lease... I'm so new to this, and have made a few mistakes along the way, which everyone says is how you get experience.. I just don't like that 'experience' always costs me money... I've also started in the last few months doing cutlery junk art.. so birds , big grass…
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